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I got an email from DQ announcing their new Blizzard this morning. Presenting...

Diet going bye bye for the day in 3, 2, 1...

I'm a huge sucker for DQ Blizzards. There is a Dairy Queen right across the street from my college. I always have to fight the temptation to go there and grab a sweet treat.  I like the cookie dough and Reece's peanut butter cup ones, but my absolute favorite is the Midnight Truffle. So chocolately, so decadent. The truffle pieces are the closest I have ever gotten a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day from anyone, including my parents. Whenever I get a Blizzard I usually buy that one.

Since the Blizzard of the Months are usually limited edition, however (and my DQ access is about to be severely limited come Sunday), I decided to buy one of these while I got the chance. I've never had a confetti cake in my life, but I'm a huge fan of cake flavored ice cream treats. I HAD to try this.

After dinner I ran across the street (and almost got run over by a biker in the process) to DQ. Yes, I'm overall attempting to lose weight and try to reduce my binge eating episodes, but I mean... I want a treat. I've only bought three Blizzards this entire semester. And besides:

My PMS, IBS, and stress have overall ruined my weight loss efforts for this week, but I'm trying the best I can for the most part. No one loses 25 pounds since January by doing nothing. Tomorrow is "Taco Friday" so I'll definitely make myself a couple of tacos, but otherwise I'm gonna need to watch what I eat to make up for this. Sigh...

Anyway, I bought a large.

They ain't kiddin' when they call it a large.

I know what you're thinking: Okay, Kady. You said you were trying to lose weight. Why the hell are you buying a LARGE (let alone buying a Blizzard in the first place)?


I scooped about half in a paper cup from the dining hall and promptly froze the other half for later. I tend to eat everything on my plate. Result: you give me a large and no other way to divide it, I'm going to eat all of it. I blame my childhood. If I didn't eat everything on my plate growing up, my parents and I had a problem. And that's all I'd like to say on that.

Forgive me for the poor quality. I don't have my camera on hand (accidentally packed it back home) so I have to make do with my webcam. But just to describe the actual product: it's DQ's soft serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow colored sprinkles. The sprinkles themselves are nonpareils. You'll occasionally find tiny chunks of white cake in the mix as well. The size variation is not too great for the most part, but I definitely had some chunks that were about the size of a thumbnail and others the size of a ring finger nail. The best part: the blizzard smells like cake! I can't stop smelling my empty Dixie cup because it smells amazing. :D

Now, taste test. Drum roll, please!

I like it. It's pretty damn sweet,  but the flavor is very good. (Definitely not regretting the choice to split this in half before eating it!) The cake isn't soggy at all. It also doesn't taste disgusting IMO. I'm more of a chocolate and red velvet cake kind of girl, but I do like white cake. And the sprinkles didn't discolor the ice cream into a nasty gray color when I was eating it, but that could be because the Blizzard didn't get a long enough time period to melt before I froze/ate my halves. Even Blizzards turn into soup relatively quickly in hot, humid Georgia weather. If I remember right, confetti cake also has a pinch of almond extract added to the batter; I definitely could taste and smell a hint of that. So, that shows that someone at DQ did their homework. My only true regret is that DQ doesn't have a cake batter or birthday cake ice cream flavor. That would be the only thing that would make the experience even better/authentic.


The midnight truffle is still my favorite DQ Blizzard, but the confetti cake Blizzard is pretty damn good as well. Just don't eat a large by yourself unless you like your laxatives sugary, though.

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