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Name:A Red Panda Called Kady
Website:My FF.Net account
Twentysomething, cisfemale, Atlanta native. I read and write fanfiction, mostly.

My Fanwork Blanket Statement

So you want to share or transform my work into another format/media? Sweet! You’re welcome to link and rec to your heart’s content, create fanart, fanfiction of fanfiction, translate, use in a podfic, etc, provided that I get credit for the original work (with an optional link to said original work). I’d only like permission if you’d like to use the work for an MSTing or a scathing dramatic reading so that I can either be around for the train wreck that was my original fic or be able to know why you want to use my work and/or prepare myself for the production. Otherwise, as long as I’m credited I’m a-okay!

Thank you and have a nice day! :)

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1000 ways to die, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, adult, adult toys, angry video game nerd, anime, anne rule, archie comics, asperger's syndrome, baby animals, beading, beavis and butthead, bill bryson, bruce campbell, cardcaptor sakura, cartoons, cats, clamp, classic rock, cloth pads, collecting, comics, cooking, copic, cosplay, country, crackfic, cryptozoology, cute, danny phantom, deadly women, disney, doctor who, dogs, dolls, donald duck, donkey kong country, drawing, dumb crooks, epidemiology, fabric, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, fleetwood mac, fluff, foreign languages, futurama, gay rights, gen, ghost stories, ghosts, giant pandas, hoarders, hp lovecraft, human stupidity, icons, intervention, inuyasha, jackass, james bond, japanese candy, jeff foxworthy, jurassic park, king of the hill, kitchen nightmares, linkara, lycanthropy, madoka magica, magical girl, manga, maury povich, menstrual cup, mental health, mermaids, mia ikumi, michael crichton, monster allergy, multifandom, mythology, naoko takeuchi, nintendo, nostalgia critic, paranormal romance, pet shop of horrors, pixar, plushies, pokemon, powerpuff girls, public health, ranting, reading, recommendations, recs, red pandas, rock, rumiko takahashi, sabrina the teenage witch, sailor moon, sega genesis, selkies, sewing, shapeshifting, shaun of the dead, sherlock holmes, simpsons, slash, sleeping, snapped, snes, sonic the hedgehog, southern gothic, southern us culture, spider man, spirou, stephen king, steve wilkos, steven spielberg, stevie nicks, studio ghibli, super mario brothers, surfing the net, the little mermaid, the thing, therianthropy, tintin, to catch a predator, tokyo mew mew, toys, trivia, tropes, tropic thunder, true crime, uncle john's bathroom reader, vintage, watercolor, werewolves, witch, womens health, womens rights, writing, writing challenges, yaoi, yuri, zombies ate my neighbors
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